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Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is one of the most effective methods of advertising, because it has an effect not only on a mass of people, but specifically on the target audience.

Targeting is advertising that is “eye-catching” to those users who are interested in it. Mailout or recommendations of this kind are considered more effective and efficient in terms of time consumptions and improvement of the work of organization or expert on targeted advertising.

How does targeted advertising work?

The first stage where a target advertising campaign starts is observation with the intention of determining interested audience from a number of possible customers. It is done in the form of a survey among customers, for example, of online stores, what exactly they buy in the Internet, which sites they use and how the process of purchasing goods or ordering services takes place.

After the collection of information ends, the analytical stage begins. According to the data obtained, schemes and diagrams are constructed. They reflect the number of customers and the share of people who are concerned in some kind of information, products, some ways of buying, paying, ordering, etc.

Setting up targeted ads

The next stage is the creation of advertising material, which will attract the attention of target audience. It should be attractive in terms of the conditions of purchase / order. This stage is considered very important, because there will be no other chance to create the proper effect.

Types of targeted advertising

Target advertising has different types. It can be:

Contextual. This subtype of targeting is based on the process of promotion of contextual advertising, in other words, it affects the immediate target audience;

Thematic. Such advertising covers sites and forums with similar topics as the organization that ordered the website promotion by this way. For example, when a resource that offers construction equipment is being developed, construction forums are analyzed, as well as sites with a similar theme;

Geo-targeting. Geo-targeting is designed to place ads in a specific area, which is indicated by the client;

Temporary. Temporary advertisements are advertisements that are outspread, because they are displayed to target audience at a specific time or day, according to personal supervision or the choice of the customer. As a rule, the customer provides such information to the specialist in targeting, because he knows better when and at what time the target audience of his resource is most active;

Social. Selection by social characteristics implies consideration of groups of people according to different parameters - gender, age, income level, living conditions, etc. Advertising in social networks also relates to subspecies of social targeting. This type of advertising is considered the most common to VKontakte, Facebook and other popular social networks. And this all because in social networks there is a possibility to choose the necessary parameters;

Behavioral. Such a subspecies of advertising requires mandatory regulation by a specialist who will search for and accumulate the necessary information, as well as conduct its evaluation. This advertising is most effective in combination with other types, because in this situation, the target audience can be reduced to a specific group of people who are most enthusiastic about your offer. It also includes retargeting services.

Retargeting is an additional action aimed at effecting the targeted audience, which is carried out in order to find out which users reacted and became interested. That is, the purpose of retargeting is to find out how the launch of the advertising campaign worked.

Targeted advertising in social networks

This subspecies of advertising is considered the most effective, because here the analysis of the ways of “movement” of users of the site and the identification of specific patterns happens. After studying this information, advertisements are launched in order to reach the largest possible number of targeted audience.

Why should you order targeted advertising from us?

If you want to increase sales by using this type of advertising, then you need to know that the most important point here is not the fact that you launch an ad, but how correctly you are able to adjust its parameters and properties. Otherwise, the cost of advertisements will not bring the desired results, and the budget will be wasted. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who work in a team and know their business. We will help to bring your store to the top in VKontakte and other social groups, as well as promote your website, with the help of a competent advertising setting and a team approach to business!

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