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Promotion in VK

Promotion in VK

Vkontakte is one of the most common social networks in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and in some CIS countries. VK has a wide range of tools that allow to advertise your brand, and also has mechanisms to attract customers and maximize brand distribution, which will be an excellent impetus for the development of your business. However, for effective promotion it is necessary to be able to use various tools correctly, so that the budget is not wasted. Such works are better be entrusted to professional employees who specialize in this area and possess knowledge and skills in the sphere of marketing and seo-optimization.

Why is it necessary to order professional promotion of a VK group?

Ever since advertising has appeared in social networks, VK serves as a good advertising platform. Competent promotion of a group provides an opportunity to increase its attendance, to form a target audience and achieve goals.

Nowadays there are many ways to promote groups and Vkontakte pages. It can be programs or online widgets that allow to drive up the numbers of subscribers and send ads. However, you should know that such services add bots, send spam, use so-called “black” schemes. The danger of such actions is that they are prohibited by the terms of use of Vkontakte, and your group or account can simply be blocked.

Ведение групп в ВК

The only way to attract real visitors to a group is professional promotion. The group promotion carried out by our specialists is complex and includes the use of several tools at the same time.

How is the promotion of VK group performed

Before you begin the process of promotion of a group, you should make it interesting. Thus, it is necessary to make a group attractive both externally and internally. A group should be filled with interesting content - photos, videos, as well as fascinating articles. Only a specialist can pick up materials correctly and not overload a group, but at the same time make it not boring.

Today, the main tool for attracting real subscribers to a group or a Vkontakte account is the launch of an advertising campaign. Advertising can be different, but the maximum effect is achieved in case when its setting is carried out correctly.

Types of advertising in Vkontakte

Targeting. It represents a certain amount of informational ad showings, which are aimed at the most enthusiastic audience in the geographic region designated by the customer. Such advertisements are used to increase brand awareness and attract subscribers to the group or page;

Advertisements in groups. A specialist selects groups that contain an audience close to yours, and places informational ads there in order to attract attention of potential customers;

Advertisements in the news feed. A specialist taking into account your target audience and its targeting parameters sets up such type of advertising. Advertisements are broadcasted in the news feed in form of publications of your group. It allows to focus on the posts of the group, which will make it more recognizable, thanks to the greater number of showings in the news feed;

Contextual advertising. Such informational advertisements are very effective. The performance indicator is the CTR, which is calculated as the ratio of the number of clicks on the link specified in the ad, to the total number of showings.

In addition, the so-called "alternative" methods can be used for the promotion of a group. They include:

Conduction of various drawings, actions, events. Such tools make it possible to attract subscribers, increase demand and make the group more popular.

Branded infographics. A specialist selects the appropriate images that will attract the audience of the community.

The results of the promotion of group or page in VK

So, if you entrust the promotion of the community to our specialists, you will not be disappointed and will get excellent results. What will be changed:

✔ The number of sales will increase. Thanks to a competent combination of various marketing moves, not only the number of subscribers increases, but also sales;

✔ The brand will become more recognizable and popular. Within the integrated promotion of the group, you will become closer to your customers. Accessibility and frequent occurrence make the audience more concerned in the advertised brand. If the group is advanced correctly and with the help of modern tools, visitors usually conceive it and your company positively.

✔ The loyalty of subscribers will also increase by communicating with them. Proper group management allows to become familiar with potential customers. And when visitors get feedback, they form a pleasant attitude towards the organization.

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