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YouTube promotion

YouTube promotion

Advertising as a promotion tool of a YouTube channel

Advertising is one of the best methods of getting new visitors to YouTube by showings of video. It is considered equivalent to television by ratings, only here the cost is several times lower. In addition, a short ad on YouTube does not annoy the viewer, unlike an advertisement on TV, which lasts a few minutes with no possibility to turn it off.

As a rule, at the initial stage of promotion on YouTube, it is better to post small videos, the duration of which is 3-5 minutes, because the chance that the short videos will be watched to the end is much higher. A number of views is a very important indicator too.

As for the demand and timeliness of videos on YouTube, it is better to study the innovations in the field where the channel specializes. It is necessary in order to fill the materials with updated information constantly.

YouTube promotion

It is also important to think about the high-quality picture and sound in advance, at the stage of video formation. Remember, the better the quality, the higher the ratings of the video.

Types of advertisements on YouTube

There are two main types of advertisements:

• True View video dissovеry аds;

• True View In Stream.

The main differences in advertising on YouTube

Video discоvery аds. It is broadcasted in a news feed where video search results are displayed. Such ads can be placed on top of the video or above a catalog of similar videos. Advertising of this type includes an image from your video and a little information in the form of a small text ad.

This type of video advertising can be disposed in three ways:

 In the search results of videos on YouTube;

 In the catalog of similar videos (on the right side of the video that is being played);

 Above the video that is being played.

If you use this type of advertising, the payment is charged per click and does not depend on the duration of the video.

True View In Stream. Advertisements of this type are broadcasted on YouTube exclusively during the period of video playback. Unlike discоvery аds, where only image and text are shown, In Stream shows a part of a video.

It is carried out as follows:

The client clicks on the playback of the video on YouTube, but before the video starts, advertising is broadcasted. The user can skip the advertisement after a while by pressing the special button at the bottom of the video player, and then he can continue watching the video.

For what actions related to advertising on YouTube the customer pays?

To understand how to distribute advertising funds intended for promoting videos on YouTube properly, you need to know the following:

What factors determine the cost;

You pay for clicks or for showings;

Funds are debited only when a visitor is watching the video. However, what is defined as “viewing”? For advertisements of In Stream type, you pay only in case when a visitor views at least 30 seconds or watch the promotional video to the end.

You do not pay if user closes the ad or if the viewing time takes less than 30 seconds.

In case of discovery ads, the fee is charged only when the client clicks and the video playback starts.

What does the price of advertising on YouTube depend on?

YouTube applies auctionary value creation methods. Thus, before your ad appears it is passed through the auction. Specialist, guided by your wishes, makes the choice of the maximum cost per view. Competitors also make a selection of rates. Further, the advertisement that will be demonstrated is automatically selected.

YouTube promotion in Minsk

Quite often you can find publications like "Buy ads on YouTube for cheap" in the Internet You should not order such services from the first available organization. It is better to order advertising from proven organizations. The fastest and the most effective way to promote your channel on YouTube is to entrust all the manipulations associated with the advertising to one company.

The team of our specialists will qualitatively and quickly bring your channel to the top, help you to increase the number of views and visits, collect and keep your target audience!

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