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Instagram & Facebook promotion

Many Internet users know that Facebook and Instagram are excellent platforms for the sale of goods or services, that is, for business development. These social networks are popular not only as trading platforms, but also for providing the services of specialists in various fields of activity. In simple terms, Facebook and Instagram are very popular among Internet users. Therefore, any successful entrepreneur should have an account in these social networks.

However, in order to make more people know about your page, it is necessary to carry out its competent promotion. There are plenty of tools to increase the popularity of your account on Facebook and Instagram. But for the formation of the target audience and attracting "live" subscribers, you will need the help of specialists.

What is the promotion service on Facebook and Instagram about?

In order to promote a page on Facebook or Instagram competently, we apply an integrated approach and develop an individual plan for each account.

First, you need to make your account interesting. Therefore, a specialist in accordance with the theme of the page selects the appropriate content and place it there. Content includes various photo and video materials, as well as text messages. Posts with interesting and informative information should be posted regularly in order to maintain the interest of subscribers. For example, if you are selling building materials, then on the page you should post posts devoted not only to the description of goods, but also various reference messages about where and how to use certain materials for construction. The number of posts may be different - for a popular account - it is 1-2 posts per day. In case when the page is only in the process of promotion, then this number should be somewhat large. So, after the page on Facebook or Instagram is ok, you need to create a target audience by attracting interested subscribers. Recently, a very productive tool in this matter is the launch of an advertising campaign.

Instagram стоимость постов

Advertising as a tool for promoting the page on Facebook and Instagram

In order to make the promotion process successful and to bring the expected results, it is not enough just to start the advertisement in the news feed, it is also important to adjust it correctly.

Step one. Product analysis and selection of a targeted audience.

Targeted advertising is an effective tool that allows to generate demand for the advertised product or service, orienting your ad to a lively interested audience.

Properly configured advertising on Facebook and Instagram gives you the opportunity to show the offer directly to those people who will be interested in it, which will save your budget for advertising.

Step two. Marketing strategy development.

Knowing the wishes of subscribers, the specialist selects the appropriate strategy, according to which the promotion of your Facebook page will be carried out.

Step three. Creation of suitable materials for advertising.

Based on the developed strategy, experts prepare advertisements in a way to maximize the audience engagement. We create banner design, write ad text and create landing pages.

Step Four. Setting up of an advertising page and making of a payment.

Instagram account can be adjusted for business by linking to your Facebook profile. All manipulations take place on an advertising page linked to Facebook. It allows to exercise full control over the budget yourself. After a credit card is attached to the page, the final stage of setting up an advertisement occurs.

Step five. Optimization of landing pages and customize analytics.

In order to control whether advertising on Facebook is effective at all its stages, the specialist sets up analytical mechanisms and generates a list of suggestions for optimizing landing pages.

Launching of Facebook ads

After the account is edited, filled with content, has a certain number of posts, when subscribers leave likes and show at least minimal activity on the page, the specialist launches ads on Facebook and Instagram. Monitoring of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign is carried out from the first minutes of its launch. Further analysis is also carried out and appropriate amendments are made.

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