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Site Audit

Site Audit

To determine working efficiency of the site, to identify errors of the Internet resource and to promote an electronic page to the top 10 results, SEO site audit is conducted.

What does site analysis include?

During the process of analyzing of work of a site, the following key indicators are determined:

1. Detailed verification of the technical components of the site.

2. A detailed analysis of the page and behavioral factors is conducted.

3. Analysis of the competitor's site and its main advantages.

4. Estimation of the effectiveness of the work of the resource by auditors

5. Development of specific recommendations for improving the work of the site and its promotion in the top 10 results.

Site Audit

What can cause bad work of a site?

The site may not work well for a number of reasons:

✅ Errors in titles, descriptions and keywords;

✅ Low uniqueness of the content of the text;

✅ Duplicated pages;

✅ Rare updates or absence of this operation;

✅ Great amount of spam;

✅ Links to missing pages;

✅ The difference in the number of existing and indexed pages;

✅ Lack of verification of the appearance of pages for search engines. A disorderly use of content tags instead of a specific content separation;

✅ A decrease of page loading speed. Several errors in the settings affect the loss of users and place in the results of search engines;

✅ The absence of the 404 error page. On the website of the company such pages must be present with exact links to the main page;

✅ The absence of the robots.txt file;

✅ Incorrect work of internal interlinking;

✅ Different encodings of the same page are perceived by search engines as a set of unrelated characters;

✅ The presence of sanctions from search engines.

Where to order a service of technical SEO analysis?

You can order a service of technical, integrated, search and individual site audit in our company.

The cost is based on the number and time expenditures of our employees. We will find the reasons for the poor ranking of your resource in search engines and will help to eliminate them.

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