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Logo development

Reputation of any company is formed with the help of several criteria. An important indicator of image is a peculiar, individual, unique logo, the main function of which is the recognition of the company by customers among many others.

What is a logo?

A logo is a peculiar image of the designation of a company or product. A logo is considered to be a verbal trademark expression. This is one of the most important elements in creation of the image of the company, which will be a visage of your organization for a long time.

A logo is the basis of the corporate identity of the organization, its main component. Only if your company has a trademark, you can carry out promotional activities to promote the brand on the market, as well as to increase the memorability among customers and competitors.

Price for logo development

Development of a company's logo

Creation of a company's logo is a creative task, art, during which it is necessary to use not only drawing skills, but also artistic taste. Knowledge of graphic editors and programs should be at the level of a confident user. Other important things are to understand of the psychology of consumers and know information about the marketing situation in the market.

That is why only an experienced specialist who has a certain education, skills and experience in this field should be engaged in the development of the company's logo. The staff of "Lime Media" includes only professionals who can create logo design that meets the stated requirements. You will be pleased with the results of the work. The price of logo design in our company will certainly please you.

Development of logo design, as a rule, has no special limits. It may be some kind of a special sign, drawing or image; or all this together. The main requirements for logos are easy brand awareness, memorability, individuality, originality. Also, the trademark should not be overloaded with information, should be well perceived and easy-to-read. And the main thing is that clients should have associations with your company when they see your logo. If all the requirements were met, then it can be judged that the work was done well and according to the rules.

The process of creation of logo design

The process of developing of a logotype is quite laborious and includes several steps:

1. Detailing client requests; filling out the brief;

2. Evaluation of trademarks of competing companies;

3. Correcting of a brief;

4. Creation of several logo variants;

5. Finishing and improvement of the variant approved by the client

Development of a trademark in Minsk

Our company provides services for the development of corporate logos. Our office is located in Minsk. Working with us you will definitely be pleasantly surprised with the prices for logo development, and our specialists will do everything possible to satisfy you with the result!

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