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Corporate identity development

Corporate identity is skillfully matched graphic and textual components that indicate a specific brand of the object. Thus, corporate identity implies design in the same manner and definite color palette of the company's products, its advertising, printed products, office, etc.

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Corporate design is considered to be an individual recognizable element on the market. It is a powerful marketing weapon, which helps to consolidate a solid image of the company in the eyes of consumers, thereby gaining the trust of partners, developing certain corporate identity and increasing the effectiveness of ongoing promotional activities. It should be remembered that forming the image of the organization you increase its recognition among consumers and partners.

Corporate identity development services

Corporate style is a true combination of significant features and peculiarities inherent to the organization. Actions in formation of their design are closely related to competing for customer loyalty and gaining their trust.

The development of corporate identity is the work of a whole team of specialists, from designers to marketing specialists. This is exactly what allows to create a great product.

There are several stages of creation of a company image:

Preparation. A preparative stage, during which the necessary information about the work of the organization, its market share, growth prospects, etc. is gathered;

Strategy formulation. This stage includes the analysis of the information, the development of options for the future image of the company and the creation of an action plan;

Choosing of an idea. At this stage, the main idea is chosen, which will underlie all components of the organization’s image. After all this, all the options should be agreed with the client;

Design. This stage is characterized by the fact that the intended idea is embodied graphically; the color palette, font, and the style of presenting information about the organization are selected;

Creation of a logo. This phase is the key one, because with the help of the logo the company's ideology becomes a reality.

Development of corporate identity in Minsk

Creation of corporate identity and bright and unforgettable logo design are the first and most important steps in business development. As a result of these complex and time-consuming actions, your company's brand will be recognizable among customers, which will significantly increase the organization's ratings.

Lime Media has a great experience in this field, as well as a team of professionals who plunge into the business. To order the service, please call the numbers listed on our website.

The sooner you start to create the corporate identity of your company, the sooner you can cash in on it!

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