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Contextual advertising audit

Contextual advertising audit

Has advertising effectiveness become worse than half a year ago? Is the budget spent quickly? Do untargeted visitors come to the site? These are the reasons to turn to specialists for an analysis of the quality of settings of advertising campaigns.

Audit is necessary to sort out problem areas and define a new vector of work in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords.

The main goal of the comprehensive verification of accounts is to identify the weaknesses of active ad campaigns. As a result of work, the customer receives a list of specific practical recommendations that allow:


In order to find out the reasons of the low effectiveness of marketing channels, our company's specialists carefully study general account settings from the point of view of their clear structuredness, division by product groups, directions or regions, as well as links with Yandex Metrics and Google Analytics.

Then we determine the effectiveness of keywords and negative keywords. The analysis procedure allows to detect problems and omissions concerning:

Advertisements are checked for the availability of quick links, mobile versions, displayed URLs. They must be properly grouped, written, taking into account unique selling proposition (USP), call to action and competitive advantages. The audit will show whether selling accents are used, such as, for example, a completed virtual business card, which makes ads more noticeable in Yandex. We also evaluate the CTR and check if retargeting is turned on. All current campaigns are mandatory checked for the appropriateness of rates and in general the expenditure of funds.

In the analytics system we carefully work through each parameter: setting of goals, UTM tags, correct conversion display.


Following the results of expert assessment of contextual advertising settings, we will present a comprehensive report on the necessary changes to improve the quality of the campaign. You will receive a developed Word-document, where all the defects and errors found will be listed. Our experts will advise on the implementation of the necessary changes:


Check the settings of Yandex and Google Analytics systems

Check-out of settings
of Yandex and Google
analytics systems

Analysis of advertising parameters

of advertising parameters

Analysis of the effectiveness of keywords

of effectiveness of keywords

Check for ad extensions

of existence
of ads extensions

Analysis of the advertising campaign strategy compliance with the client's goals and objectives

Analysis of the compliance
of the advertising campaign strategy
with the goals and
objectives of the client

Analysis of the effectiveness of the distribution of clicks on their cost and sites

Analysis of the effectiveness
of the distribution
of clicks on their
cost and sites

Check for matching landing pages for ads

of landing pages
matches for ads

Checking the purity of traffic and negative words

Verification of the "purity"
of traffic and negative keywords

Analysis of static data from Analytics systems

Analysis of statistical
data from analytics

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