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Yandex Dialogues

Yandex Dialogues

This spring, Yandex officially announced the launch of the Yandex.Dialogues platform. Not so long ago, the development was at the beta testing stage, but now the service can be used by all the companies that have chat on their website (for example, JivoSite, Bitrix, Callibri, EnvyBox, etc.). With the help of Yandex.Dialogues, it became possible to attract new customers. Voice Assistant "Alice" also integrates with the new platform, but we will focus only on its use by companies' sites.

Chat for business is a kind of addition to online chat systems on Internet resources. With the help of chat rooms, the company can promptly and promptly assist the user in solving his problem or answer his question.

Thus, we got a powerful tool for interacting not only with our usual search, but also expanding the capabilities of a voice search. Studies show that home smart voice devices will be very widespread in the future. But while the future has not yet come, and people ordering something via the Internet are still using smartphones and computers, we want to elaborate more on the bonuses that the integration of your site with the chat platform for business, which are part of “Yandex.Dialogues”.



  • Convenient for company
  • Usefully
  • Convenient for customers
  • Familiarly
Validity of the
Light package Not limited
75 USD


Яндекс Диалог

Advantages of Yandex.Dialogues:

  • Ability to respond to the user immediately from the issue in the search of Yandex. Perhaps you also paid attention to the fact that the presence of the “Chat with company” button makes the site snippet more noticeable. Of course, when “Yandex.Dialogs” are integrated everywhere, you will forget about this feature, but now the button works for you and do it good.
  • Separate ranking of sites in right side from the “Chats with organizations on request” block. Issuance in the block corresponds to the positions of sites in the search results. Due to the fact that “Yandex.Dialogs” is not yet so popular, you can get into the issue of the “Chats with organizations on request” block even when in simple search results your site is for example on the second or third page.
  • Direct communication of the client with the consultant of the company immediately on the page. Such an opportunity is a too obvious plus to dwell on it in more detail. We can only say that the approximate response time is indicated near the “Chat with company” button on the right.

Additional advantages of Yandex Dialogues:

  • Additional source of interactionAdditional source of interaction
  • PracticalityPracticality
  • Сustomer loyaltyСustomer loyalty

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