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Remarketing system is based on advertising for a specific range of consumers. The concept of remarketing includes displaying ads and advertisements only for those users who were previously interested in products.

Why is it effective?

In usual advertising, the search for potential customers is made through search queries. Ultimately, the user simply blocks the advertisement, without referring to the link. The interested audience will successfully click to the link and see the ad.

The advantages of this method:

☑ Increase of website conversion;

☑ Return of departed users;

☑ Brand awareness and development;

☑ Optimization of the budget for advertising

It is relevant for campaigns where products and services are sold. The user may doubt for a long time, but the constantly appearing advertisement will not let to forget. The advertising campaign is aimed at addressing the issue of customer activity on the site and its further involvement.


Marketing and promotion specialists are engaged in services. The implementation of an advertising campaign is made by means of aids and detailed setting of contextual ads.

How are the goals achieved?

Such services as GoogleAdwords and Yandex.Direct serve to help specialists. To start displaying of advertisements within the framework of retargeting, lists are made based on various goals. Particular attention is paid to the types of remarketing, such as:

► Standard. It is offered to users who have already shown activity on the site;

► Dynamic (used by many online stores). Shows only those pages or products that were previously viewed by the user;

► Mobile app. If visitors have already used the mobile version or logged in through it;

► Search ads. With a key query in the search, a link to a page of a previously viewed site appears.

Within Google Adwords remarketing, video recordings and email newsletters can also be highlighted. If a potential client was previously familiar with a business account on one of the popular video hosting sites, the ad will appear in mobile applications or display networks.

For competent work of services, it is necessary to analyze the actions of the target audience in detail. Based on its needs and activity, the best option for setting up Google Adwords or Yandex.Direct can be found.

Efficiency and collaboration with professionals

It is almost impossible to understand the work of advertising campaigns independently. A whole staff of specialists is involved to activate the promotion system.

A team of specialists will conduct work on tracking active clients and site visitors. Conversion will increase due to the constant influx of active audiences, while the difference will also be felt in the budget spent on the advertising campaign. When changing business goals the ability to edit lists and create new ads appears.

Cooperation with professionals is a guarantee of quality and target customers. Created advertising will help not only to attract attention to products, but also to report on new promotions, offers. Personalization of an ad will help to gain loyalty of customers.

You don't need to be good at remarketing yourself - entrust it to professionals. In a short time, the owner of the resource will receive the first report. In the future, the results of the retargeting will be immediately reported. The client saves not only the budget, but also the time spent on setting up and monitoring users.

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