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Priority placement on Yandex.Maps

Priority placement on Yandex.Maps

To find necessary building users go to Yandex.Maps and can easily orient there, even in unfamiliar areas. It allows to save time for users, and for business owners - to get new customers. Those who have not yet posted information about their company in this service should think about it, because they are pretty losing to competitors.

Why is it necessary to add a company to Yandex.Directory?

Online search for retail facilities and companies with the help of this service has long been popular and in demand, but not all businessmen take it seriously. And this is a huge mistake.

Adding a mark point on Yandex.Maps provides the following benefits:

What is the priority placement in Yandex. Directory?

Some businessmen add information about the company for free and independently. Of course, it is cost effective, but for successful activity, you still need to be not on one level with competitors but to surpass them. That is why rationally minded business owners use the “priority placement” service. This paid online service guarantees the separation of a company or an enterprise among its competitors, and the possibility of acquiring geo-advertising on Yandex.Directory for both mobile and computer versions.

Priority placement on Yandex.Maps

The advantages of priority placement in Yandex.Directory:

✅ Informing about promotions and other important events of the company - the text is placed in the ad unit, when disclosing a mark point on the map or on the company page.

✅ Advertising is shown only for interested persons, users who are looking for a relevant field of activity, a district. They see it when they are close to the object. This allows to increase the number of customers and, of course, sales. It should be understood that if several companies in the same business are in the search results, the position of your company will depend on the distance of a given point and relevance.

✅ Presence of a personal account where you can track statistics, edit the mode of operation, add new objects (branches), answer user questions, etc.

✅ Position of a site in the top search results. It is much easier and faster to bring the resource to the top if the company has a mark point on Yandex.Maps.

✅ Adding of a special icon on the map.

✅ The use of a logo for the design of cards to make a company recognizable.

✅ Improving the rating and brand awareness of the company.

✅ Simplifying the search of object.

✅ Increasing of site traffic

✅ Availability of feedback.

Where to order priority placement in Yandex.Directory?

You can order priority placement in Yandex.Directory in our company. We will do the work with high quality and conscientiously. If you have any questions related to the addition of tags on the map, our experts will help you quickly find the answers to them.

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