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Selection of the semantic query core

Selection of the semantic query core

Many people believe that a semantic core of a site can be collected by pressing the magic button. However, this is not the case. To make a list of key phrases, a specialist need to do a number of actions, find synonyms and analyze competitors. Often, start lists are created through the communication of a specialist with a customer, and then follows several stages of hard work.

So, why do we need to collect the semantic core?

Semantic core of a site is a result of selection of certain search keywords and phrases, their synonyms, which most reflect the occupation, products or services presented on a site

Подбор ключевых запросов

The semantic core is collected in order to increase the visibility of the pages of a web site. Properly selected keywords and phrases allow to make the Yandex and Google search engine robots to begin to notice and show the pages of your site in response to specific queries from people.

Naturally, the selection of keywords and phrases is the first and most important stage in this case. Next, an approximate structure is drawn up to separate the “keys” across the various landing pages. After the semantics are collected and distributed, the html markup of the texts is entered and articles are prepared for subsequent publication.

Who has the need in compilation of a semantic core of a site?

At first sight, it may seem that there is no urgent need to collect a semantic core for your site, but this is not quite so. This process is intended for:

➤ For beginners who have only created and launched their site, so that the basis of it was laid correctly on the initial stages;

➤ For owners who intend to update the site with the goal of laying a clear SEO structure for effective promotion;

➤ For those owners of sites who would like to improve certain subsections and categories of it and increase sales turnover;

➤ For website owners who use contextual advertising in Yandex and Google to increase the flow of customers and wish to form pages on their website so that they respond to certain requests of the target audience as much as possible.

In order to get acquainted in more detail with the list of works related to the collection of the semantic core and website promotion, as well as to order the service, just call us!

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Selection of the semantic query core

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