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What were Belarusians searching in the Internet in 2018?

What were Belarusians searching in the Internet in 2018?

New Year is coming and all companies are summing up. Such search giants as Google and Yandex do it too. For years now, they have been analyzing search quires and providing a report of the most popular and rated ones.

This year was rich in sport events, so it is not surprising that the World Cup was long awaited and exciting. During it, even those who have never been interested in this sport clung to the screens to cheer and enjoy this enchanting atmosphere. The Eurovision Song Contest was slightly less popular among users. The sport drama “Dvizhenie vverh”, as well as the show, in which the famous man is looking for his half, “Holostyak”, broke all records.

What search queries has Google noted?

The most requested information this year was FIFA World Cup Russia. Increased interest in this topic has also made popular such famous players as Alexander Dzyuba, Igor Akinfeev, and Luka Modric. Hockey in 2018 was a little less popular according to search results. Hockey World Cup was only on the ninth position of the rating. According to Google’s search results, the President of Croatia, Nastya Rybka, the legendary rock musician Freddie Mercury, and the Belarusian tennis player Arina Sobolevskaya are most interesting persons this year. The passing away of such people as Iosif Kobzon, Stephen Hawking, rapper XXXTentacion, Oleg Tabakov, overshadowed many Belarusians.

Many people were interested in “Zamuzh za Buzovu” reality show and "Holostyak" (Russian version of «The Bachelor»), season 6. Everyone wanted to know who would be the chosen one of the program's lead character. However, not only these programs were searched and watched by Belarusians. «Tancy» and «Pesni» on TNT, “Oscar 2018”, “Slavianski Bazaar”, “Bitva ekstrasensov” - these projects also hit the top of 2018 by the number of requests in Google.

The list of the most frequent search quires of 2018 in Google:

  1. FIFA World Cup
  2. «Silver Spoon» TV series, season 3
  3. "Policeman from Rublevka" TV series, season 3
  4. Eurovision
  5. The Olympic Games
  6. "Holostyak" (Russian version of «The Bachelor»), season 6
  7. Kemerovo
  8. “Zamuzh za Buzovu” reality show
  9. World Cup Hockey
  10. “Ivanovy – Ivanovy” TV series, season 6

TV projects and movies

As for the cinema preferences, the highest rated films are “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the drama “Dvizhenie vverh”. On the third line of the rating, there is “Venom”. One position below belongs to "Deadpool 2". “Fifty shades of freedom” and the cartoon “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer vacation” were also in top.

The list of popular TV shows consists of domestic films. The undisputed leader in it is «Silver Spoon» TV series, season 3, slightly behind him there is " Policeman from Rublevka " season 3, and then “Ivanovy – Ivanovy”.

Further in the list there are also “Molodezhka” TV series, then the series “Domashniy arest”, “Olga 3”, “Ostrov-2”, “Grand Lyon”, “Ulitsa”, and “Sveta s togo sveta”.


However, not only television programs, projects and people interested Belarusians. The desire to buy a bicycle, a vehicle and a real estate was also popular among Belarusians. "Belarussian railway station ticket", "Cottages or holdings near Minsk" were often searched for. The most desired gadget was "iPhone 7". In addition, Belarusians were searching for winter tires and swimming pool.

What search queries has Yandex noted?

Surprisingly, but the most frequently requested was only one news relating to Belarus, the payment for textbooks. Other rating search queries refer to events of other states:

  • FIFA World Cup
  • The Olympic Games
  • Kemerovo
  • Fight between Konor and Habib
  • Kerch tragedy
  • Base value and its change
  • Elections of the President in Russia
  • Raising of the retirement age in Russia
  • Eclipse July 27th

A person who attracted attention was Habib Nurmagomedov. Many people were interested about his fight with Conor McGregor. The shocking and famous freak Gauguin Solntsev also shocked the public with his statements, which caused a wide resonance. Belarusian tennis player Arina Sobolenko was also popular. In addition, Belarusians were often interested in the life and activities of D. Maradona, Alekseev and A. Serov.

However, 2018 brought in not only joyful events. Unexpectedly, there were several sad news of the great losses. Many famous personalities have passed away, such as Iosif Kobzon, Oleg Tabakov, Marina Poplavskaya, XXXTentacion, Nikolai Karachentsov, and Yevgeny Osin. No one was indifferent to these losses.

Cinema and TV shows

Belarusians spent their evenings watching Hollywood blockbusters - “Avengers: War of Infinity”, “Dvizhenie vverh”, “Deadpool 2”. Among the most popular TV series there were mainly domestic ones - "Silver Spoon" - all 3 seasons, "Policeman from Rublyovka" - 3 seasons, "Domashniy arest", "Molodezhka 5", "Grand".

As the best TV shows, “Zamuzh za Buzovu” and “Holostyak” were recognized, the same as for Google. «Tancy» and «Pesni» on TNT and “Bitva ekstrasensov” were popular as well.

Music preferences in 2018

As concerns musical tastes, it also was mostly about domestic performers. Most often, people were looking for "Cvet nastroeniya siniy" by F. Kirkorov, Kazka - "Plakala". Did not go unnoticed such artists as Tima Belorusskih, Egor Creed, Vadim Galygin and the "Leningrad" band.

In 2018, gadgets of Huawei and Xiaomi together with the fifth collection of Bonstiks aroused particular interest.

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