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The exact dates of the site promotion to the top?

The exact dates of the site promotion to the top?

While choosing a company for SEO-promotion each client is interested in the effectiveness of the result: when the site will be in TOP-10 search results, how long the promotion process will take, how many potential buyers will come to him and how can sales improve with the help of the site. After analyzing information collected by a SEO specialist through Wordstat, Yandex Metrics or Google Analytics, he can name the approximate time limits for achieving the promotion goals, the amount of traffic that will come, etc. However, sometimes time limits can be determined incorrectly, because the system is unstable and there can be obstacles, because of which the result is not visible for a long time. In this article, we gathered the main reasons why at the beginning of the promotion specialists cannot accurately predict when exactly the site will be in TOP-10 search results and how much traffic will come.

1. Search algorithms are constantly changing

The work of search engines consists in the analysis of sites, queries and visitors, and as a result, it finds pages of sites that best respond to customer requests. Queries are not always accurate, and in this case, the search engines use statistics. It is impossible to predict changes in the search engine results on any request.

Thus, on such search query as "house cleaning" you will find house cleaning, but if a TV show with the same name appears, two results will be shown in the search.

With such inaccurate requests, the search engines are more likely to show the following resources in the TOP results:

  • Groups in social networks, forums
  • Information portals
  • Portals that combine information from many sites (such as search for trains or tickets

It is difficult to compete with such resources; that is why it is not easy to bring commercial sites to the TOP results with inaccurate inquiries.

2. СCompetitor sites

When a SEO specialist collects information on the pages of a site and prepares it for promotion, he analyzes search results that are relevant at the time of analysis. However, if a site is changed, search engines can react to it in a different way, which cannot be predicted. Nevertheless, Google indexes new sites less, and search results change less. At the same time, Yandex reacts quickly to web-site optimization. Competitors are constantly improving their resources, and new commercial sites are constantly appearing. However, if competitors make mistakes in their promotion, their site may decrease in positions and visibility in the search engine can change. Thus, search results depends on the competitors no less than from a SEO specialist.

3. Demand in your topic

Demand is not a seasonal phenomenon. Some special events that have caused a resonance in society can trigger an increase in demand. For example, after major fires there is a quick increase in demand for firefighting equipment. Demand can not only grow, but also fall quickly, which happens much more often. For example, spinners, popular a year ago, are not so popular any more. Demand always changes, and traffic can decline or grow regardless of SEO promotion.

4. Technical errors

It is very important to check the site before starting the promotion so that there are no errors. It often happens that during promotion serious mistakes that are not visible at the initial stages are detected.

To determine approximate time limit for site promotion, the expert learns the history of the site, domain, previous promotion and the rest. To identify problems inside the site, a specialist need access to the content of the site, without which he cannot find out the whole picture. Errors and restrictions that can be inside the site hamper the promotion.

5. The speed of changes indexing

It is very difficult to calculate when search engines will make modifications in search results by indexing the resource. Search engines are much more likely to index changes on information and news resources, commercial sites fall under changes less often. At the beginning of the promotion, a specialist cannot see how often robots record changes made to the pages of the site. If it happens not often, a specialist will need time to correct the problem.

6. Sanctions of search engines

If the site has already been promoted earlier, it may turn out that those specialists used "black" SEO, for example, mass purchase of links. In this case, search engines can issue sanctions, decreasing pages in search results or not indexing them at all. Moreover, sanctions are imposed when web site relocation was done incorrectly, or when it was changed in an access that is open for indexing. To find out if any sanctions were imposed on the resource, you need to contact Yandex technical support, but they may not give an exact answer. Google does not have any technical support in the former Soviet countries, and it will be impossible to learn about sanctions. You can remove restrictions only after the beginning of promotion, and this can also be the reason for changing the time limits of promotion to the TOP results.

7. Edits

Any site maintenance remains hidden from the client. Web developers do not give unnecessary information to clients and they see only design, usability and so on. All the rest that is inside the site is done when the details are agreed with the client. It is impossible to predict how long new edits will be adding, but they significantly restrain the progress. The faster the edits are made, the better result will be achieved.


Time limits defined by a specialist at the beginning of promotion are not exact, but SEO specialist tries to follow them. Time limits can be changed due to many factors. Progress can slow down or speed up. If a specialist is a professional in his sphere, he will explain all the reasons for the growth or decrease in traffic, and help to derive the most optimal strategy for further advancement.

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