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Social Network Banners

Social Network Banners

The rapid development of social networks contributes to an increase of the relevance of targeted advertising. In this regard, the question of how to make it more effective arises more often.

It is not enough just to know how to use different advertising programs or services for a successful work with this advertising technique. After all, the first thing the user notices is a banner that attracts attention, makes him want to visit the website and buy the advertised product or service.

Banner creation basics

During the process of creation of a banner, you should remember three key rules:

1. Used shades should be as contrast as possible, the best way is to use three contrasting colors, which are combined with the colors of the landing web page.

2. A footnote must be readable, briefly reflecting the advantages that distinguish the advertised product from its main competitors.

3. Each graphic object should have enough space.

Banners on Facebook

In Facebook, there is a single available size of images or advertisements - 1200x628 pixels. However, in order that the banner in this social network can have a large audience outreach, it is insufficient just to choose a picture of the corresponding parameters. Only projects containing not more than 20% of the text will provide a sufficiently extensive audience coverage. A special program - Image Text Check - exists for analyzing image matching in FB.

Several common methods will contribute to the successful verification of the footnote on the poster and also provide maximum coverage to a publication, f.e.:

1. To shorten the text significantly, leaving only the key theses of the announcement. Reducing the size of a footnote, we should not forget that users would see the picture in a much smaller size than it is displayed when you create.

2. To determine the area of a footnote. This will significantly increase the chances the advertisement would be approved.

3. To reduce the contrast of a footnote in relation to the background. If instead of the traditional black text on a white background you use, for example, green text on a light green background, the chance that the text placed in the picture is approved will increase.

4. To “blur” any part of a footnote. Thus, it is possible to "outsmart" the FB check services. However, it is important not to overdo and not to spoil the aesthetic component of the banner.


The process of creation text banners for Instagram is very similar to the process in FB. Advertising publications here can have any form. However, it is necessary to take into account the minimum possible image formats: 600x600 pixels, 600x130 with landscape orientation, and 600x750 with portrait orientation.

The optimal shape is considered square, with a size of 1080x1080 pixels. It is recommended to supply the banner with active buttons: «More details», «Register», «Start now».


Only during the last year, there happened many innovations in VK - from the redesign of the website to the improvement of advertising tools. Thus, a "promo-post with a button" was developed; sizes for a text-graphic segment were changed, etc.

A system of custom banner formats was also introduced:

256x256 pixels - Special format of the group promotion.

145x85 - Image with text.

145x165 - a big picture.

145x145 - group promotion.

The last three formats are similar and are shown to users on the left side of the UI. Their small size reduces the possibilities of both textual design and graphics.

During the process of creating such banners, it is recommended to place a minimal amount of text, as well as to make it as readable and memorable as possible. In such an advertisement, it is advisable to use photos of people, images of "hype" heroes or pop art illustration.

The method of highlighting an ad with a frame or an image with a shadow that should fall on this frame is also effective. It is forbidden to place extensive buttons or arrows on the picture.

Advertising publications in VK with a button and without

Promo posts are publications of a specific VK group, which are available in the news feed of its members. Compared to all of the above options, there is much more room for imagination when creating a banner, due to the absence of any restrictions on the placed images:

1. Publications without a button are recommended to be supplemented with square pictures of 1080x1080 pixels.

2. If you need to place a small footnote in the picture, you can use oblong wide pictures - 1080x400, 1080x300 pixels.

3. In posts with a button or when loading a snippet, the picture should be 537x240 px.

It is proved that the most convertible images of VK coincide with the pictures of the formats described above in style and subject matter.

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