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How to optimize YouTube channel

How to optimize YouTube channel

YouTube is the largest video hosting service in the world, which has its own search engine. According to Alexa service, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world.

If you have your own company or you just want to start making money on the Internet, then your YouTube channel is almost the very first after the site what you should pay attention to. If you do not have a YouTube account, you are depriving yourself of a huge flow of traffic not from search engines.

YouTube has its own search engine, and YouTube videos are well perceived by Google. When you post videos from YouTube on your website, it increases behavioral factor on it. YouTube videos are additional content. Moreover, there are many other features that can work great with the proper positioning and SEO optimization of a YouTube channel.

As was mentioned above, YouTube has its own search engine, and as there is a search, then it can be customized so that your video ranks better than your competitors’ one.

In this article, we want to elaborate on tips for optimizing your YouTube channel. Of course, you should not also forget about the design and quality content, but in this text, we will not dwell on it, as this is a separate topic for a large article.

So what should you do to optimize your YouTube channel?

Let's start with programs that help to streamline the optimization process. Of course, everything can be done without off-site programs, but in the 21st century, it will be easier to enjoy all the benefits of civilization.

➤ Key Collector

Key collector program helps you to select search queries. As soon as you completely understand its functions, you will notice how effective this program is.

➤ TubeBuddy and VidIQ (Google Chrome plugins)

With the help of these programs, you can see the tags of competitors, as well as their positions on search queries. They allow to copy annotations and analyze video. We recommend you to install both of them, as each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A title of a video

A title of a video should contain your most important search query, be relevant and contain a key query of 5-7 words.

Video thumbnail

It affects video click-through rate in the search results. Moreover, video thumbnail is the first thing that a person sees when searching for the information he needs.

Tips for video thumbnails creation:

✅ The picture should be bright and catchy, plus it should be complemented with a contrast inscription, with the help of which a user can immediately see clear what information is contained in the video.

✅ It is better if video thumbnail contains a shot from the video, as YouTube then can consider it 100% relevant.

✅ The image should be 1280x720 format.

✅ Video thumbnails that YouTube offers automatically, or its collections, as a rule, are not very beautiful.

✅ A beautiful legible picture should be shown in any screen dimension.

✅ Brand your video thumbnail with the colors and fonts of the company, its logo, etc.

✅ If the picture contains faces or people in general, then loyalty to your company increases.

✅ Analyze video thumbnails of competitors.

Video title

Please note that the title should be optimized anyway. Video can be without a description, but not without title and video thumbnail.

Title decorating tips:

✎ We do not recommend placing unnecessary and irrelevant words in title. Use only words from the queries (but do not overdo).

✎ If you have a long headline, we advise to use the most relevant key word twice, but in different word forms.

✎ Key queries should be placed at the beginning of the line.

✎ You need to make sure that your video title is as different as possible from competitors’ one.

✎ Use such hook phrases as “How to make…”, “N ways to…”, “Secret”, etc.. It will help to persuade a person to click on your video.

✎ Remember that you create a title for people, not for companies. Title should be readable.


We recommend to write long descriptions under the video (from 1500 text characters), as it gives users an understanding of what will be in the video, and also help to get your video recommended by YouTube more often.

The first 100-110 text characters get into the featured snippet, and you should try to place the most popular key queries there.

In order to attract people to your site, after 100-110 text characters you should post a link to it.

Point out time codes. It is important. The timecode should contain keywords.

Use hashtags.


Tags affect the correlation with the description.

# Do not select English tags, as your video will be ranked in Russian.

# Do not select common and meaningless tags.

# Concretize your tags


Hints help to perform an internal linking

It will be good if the hints will occur every 1-2 minutes.

You can use up to 5 hints in one video.

Hints must be efficient!

It is better not to post hints in the first seconds of the video, as the user can simply ignore them, because his attention is directed to getting the information he is looking for.


Now all videos on YouTube have subtitles. They usually contains keywords and help YouTube in determining the essence of the video.

Writing subtitles by-hand is an extremely monotonous and time-consuming task, so that is why it is better to add automatic subtitles.

Read the automatically generated subtitles and if something is interpreted incorrectly, correct it.

Pay special attention to keywords.

Channel authority

This parameter affects the ranking, so you need to understand clearly, why and for whom you are making your channel, that is, you need to define your target audience and understand how you can help it.

Channel trailer

This is what catches an eye immediately, as soon as a person comes to your page.

Tell your potential audience:

➥ Who are you

➥ What is the uniqueness of your channel

➥ Why do people need to subscribe to you

➥ Why do people need to watch your channel

➥ And remember that the trailer should be catchy!

So, to create a YouTube channel that will become popular, you need to spend quite a decent amount of time, but the result is definitely worth it! YouTube is a powerful resource for attracting new audiences and customers. If you follow the tips mentioned above and at the same time publish videos at intervals, make them interesting and really useful, then the audience will reach out to you. Remember that no SEO optimization will save bad content, so try to make such videos so that people can find what they need on your channel. It is the only way to make yourself popular on YouTube, and, consequently, attract traffic to your channel and website.

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