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Where is it possible to get hype for social networks?

Where is it possible to get hype for social networks?

Hype is the most important step on the first stages of project promotion, without which further advertising is simply impossible. The correct definition of the promotion strategy gives a trigger to success business start-up. Without hype promotion, the project can be at risk of remaining unnoticed, which leads to loss of funds and time spent on its development.


What ways of hype promotion exist?

Promotion via social networks is an excellent way to advertise any project. It is one of the most effective way to attract visitors and customers. However, it doesn’t actually mean that other ways of promotion are ineffective - the best result can be achieved when all the tools are used together:

  • Banner advertising is a very costly and popular way, which requires the ability to choose the right places that will attract the largest number of visitors. It works great when the project is already launched, but still not well known
  • Listing is a placement of a newly created project on special sites, where such projects are monitored 24/7. It is perfect for promotion
  • Word of mouth marketing works only when the resource has already become recognizable. Discussion of the project in well-known forums, especially in a positive way, increases attendance significantly and attracts customers
  • One more way is to hire special people, who write on the forums positive feedback about their participation in the project. It helps customers to believe more to the project you promote.

Why is it good to choose promotion in social networks?

Social networks help to attract the most suitable target audience of visitors and potential customers. Social networks are full of real people who can be easily attracted. Moreover, there are many ways of such promotion. It depends only on the type of social network - Facebook, Instagram or VK. Although such service as YouTube is not a social network, it is also widely used.

Ways of promotion via Facebook, Vk and Instagram:

  • Paid advertising placement. Your posts are advertised in accordance with the chosen target audience in the news feed, groups and other places of social networks. Potential customers subscribe and follow links
  • Groups and pages. It requires more work, but it is irreplaceable for long-term projects. It helps to inform audience regularly about announcements and meetings
  • Newsletter distribution via e-mail. It is not as effective as creating groups, because in most cases it can be marked as spam. However, benefits also exist. Mail distribution via messengers can be used along with other ways of advertising.
  • Presentations, videos, advertising videos. It helps to keep the audience and attract a new. It works well in Instagram or YouTube.

For the best results, all these ways should be used together. Only then, it will be possible to create an effective hype promotion and attract a large amount of targeted traffic, which is very valuable for beginner projects. As a result, we can distinguish two methods for hype promoting:

Aggressive way - mailout, inviting friends or groups, aggressive advertising

Passive way - creation of groups, purchase of advertising posts

Only the competent use of these methods will lead to the best results.