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Charity event "Way Home"

Charity event "Way Home"

Every day, leaving the house and hurrying to work, we meet animals. Cats living near the entrances, who are usually fed by neighbors, especially grannies. Dogs, huddled together in a flock and sadly seeing us off with their eyes. They also live their lives and hurry somewhere in the morning. However, there is one difference - these animals do not have their own home. And if it rains or gets cold, they will have nowhere to hide. People can close the entrances to the basements of the house and drive a frozen over pet out of their entrances. But still, if you pat them, they will follow, thinking that now you are their owner. Despite the brutal living conditions, lack of food and disease, these animals are still willing to love the one who takes them into their family.

Акция Дорога домой

Many organizations and thousands of volunteers who are concerned about the fate of four-legged friends are engaged in the problem of stray animals in Belarus. A well-known public organization for the protection of animals "Egida" organized a charity event in late June. On Saturday, 23th, 60 dogs and cats under the care of volunteers and veterinarians in the “Tivali” park were looking for a new home.

All of them were vaccinated and examined by doctors, were already accustomed to human hands and were ready to join a new family.

Our company did not remain indifferent and joined the action. For this day, we have developed thematic printing materials: magnets, cards, stickers and much more. All the products were offered to visitors of the action, and all the funds raised were sent to animals for charity.

Prepared materials depicted dogs and cats, as well as funny signatures to them: “No friend? Get yourself a dog!”, “Marital status – I have a cat”. Many visitors took a funny picture with our cards or took a sticker from our company.

At the end of the action, most animals found their home, and people found new friends. We are very glad that we have participated and contributed, having managed not only to please people with our printing, but also to help the animals.

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